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Meet Our New Chef: Kenny Keung

We are thrilled to introduce the newest culinary maestro to grace our kitchen, Chef Kenny Keung! With an illustrious career spanning over three decades and a dedication to culinary excellence, Chef Keung brings a wealth of expertise and creativity to our team.


Chef Keung’s journey began as a chef-de-partie at Hilton International in 1989, where he mastered the art of fine cuisine and refined his culinary skills. Over the years, he continued to climb the ranks, serving as a sous chef at Crown Plaza from 1991 to 1993, and later as the Maitre de Cuisine at Season’s Oriental within the prestigious Four Seasons Hotel Cyprus from 1995 to 2017.


At Lakeview Restaurant & Bar, Chef Kenny Keung will bring his unparalleled expertise and innovative flair to our menu, crafting unforgettable dining experiences for our guests. Whether you’re joining us for a casual lunch, an intimate dinner, or a special event, Chef Keung’s culinary creations promise to tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving for more.

Kenny Keung

Lakeview Restaurant & Bar: A Culinary Haven

Experience a culinary adventure at Lakeview Restaurant & Bar, where our Chef’s expertise meets the tranquil beauty of Lake Simcoe. Indulge in classic dishes with a modern twist, lovingly prepared with locally sourced ingredients.

Relax with friends on our extended patio overlooking the lake, or enjoy a coffee in our cozy café. We’re open 7days a week from 7:30 AM, ready to welcome you for brunch, coffee, or dinner.

Join us at Lakeview Restaurant & Bar, where every bite tells a story and every moment is savored amidst stunning lake views and culinary excellence.

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